Many people often think about becoming a vegetarian, but they are a little bit afraid to take the leap. Going from a meat-loving person to an individual who eats none at all can be a bit frightening. However, dividing the process up into stages can make it much less overwhelming.

During the first stages, try to just eliminate meat during the week. It’s often easier to avoid meat during the week as you are not out and about with family and friends. Cooking at home does not present as many temptations. If you cook all vegetarian meals at home, you’re not looking at someone who is eating a cheeseburger or a steak across the table.

Once you are pretty stable with avoiding meat during the week, stop eating it on the weekends too. For the first few weekends, make exceptions at the holidays and during special events, such as your best friend’s wedding. Avoiding turkey on Thanksgiving is really difficult to do, so don’t torture yourself over it.

Now it’s time to take the big dive and let go of meat on every day. Don’t cheat yourself. If you say you’re just going to have one buffalo wing, you are probably going to wind up eating at least a handful more.

Some people decide that they are not going to be full-on vegetarians. For example, some will still eat seafood because they do not consider it to be a real meat. Indulging in seafood every once in a while is important because the proteins are really important for your body. You can obtain these necessary nutrients from other foods, though, such as beans and legumes. No matter what road you decide to take, try your best to stick with it. If you do slip up, don’t just give up. Some people will allow one little slip-up to be their complete downfall. They figure they have made one mistake, so they should just stop their plan. It’s okay to make mistakes; just get back in the right direction.

When you decide that you want to be a vegetarian, you should have a conversation with your doctor. Eliminating meat from your diet means that you will not be getting all of the necessary nutrients. For people with certain health conditions, being a total vegetarian might not be possible. Find out the foods that you can and cannot eat from your physician.