Everybody wants to live a long and happy life. If that’s the case, people need to start paying more attention to what they put into their bodies and how much. Poor eating habits are one of the major causes of obesity, heart attack, and death in the United States. Most people eat far too much sugar, salt, and fat every day. To combat weight gain and disease, try to incorporate low-fat foods into your regular diet.

How Can I Identify a Low-fat Food?

The only way to know the fat content of a food product is to read the nutrition label. As a general rule, foods that contain three or fewer grams of fat for every 100 calories are considered to be low-fat. Anything that far exceeds this limit should be eaten very sparingly or avoided altogether.

Why Should I Eat Low-fat Foods?

To Lose Weight

The commercial purpose of low-fat foods is to appeal to individuals who are looking to drop some pounds. Low-fat foods are generally low in calories, so they will aid in cutting weight and burning body fat. However, not all low-fat foods are low in calories. They are called low-fat because the proportion of fat to calories is low, but that says nothing about total caloric content. Be wary of terms like “reduced fat” or “fat free” because they don’t always tell the whole story about a product. Always read the nutrition facts before you buy.

To Maintain Overall Health

People who purchase low-fat foods tend to do so for the purpose of losing weight. While it’s true that reduced-fat foods tend to have fewer calories than their standard counterparts, there is another huge benefit to limiting your fat intake: heart health. Foods high in saturated fats and trans fats are very unhealthy when eaten in large quantities. These fats can accumulate in artery walls blocking off blood flow and causing them to harden. When veins are clogged up with fat particles, you can get a heart attack or stroke. Hardened arteries also have the potential to break and cause severe injuries. All of these issues can potentially lead to death.

What Are Some Great Low-fat Food Choices?

There are so many options for people looking to eat a low-fat diet. The following is a sample selection from every major food group.

MEAT/POULTRY/FISH: white-flesh fish, egg whites, white breast meat, round or sirloin cuts of steak

DAIRY: low-fat and skim milk, reduced fat and fat-free cheeses and yogurts, low-fat frozen yogurt

GRAINS: whole grain breads, pastas, noodles, crackers, bagels, tortillas, and more

FRUITS/VEGETABLES: just about everything aside from avocados, although they are high in good fats

SWEETS: angel food cake, gelatin, fruit pie fillings with granola