When thinking about following a low calorie diet, you need to consider a lot of things. The fact is that by reducing your calorie intake, you will initially lose weight. However, can it be beneficial or harmful to your health and well-being?

Realistically, restricting your calorie intake will not only result in weight loss, but also reduce muscle mass. This will put your body at risk of becoming malnourished, lacking the essential vitamins B, C, and D and minerals like magnesium, potassium, and iron, which are all important to maintain good health.

Vitamins and nutrient deficiencies lead to various serious health conditions, including heart-related disorders like cardiac arrest, palpitations, and irregular heartbeat. Also, such deficiencies will put you at risk of suffering from skin problems, hair loss, menstrual issues, muscle cramps, bone density loss, tooth decay, and feeling exhausted.

Another detrimental possibility of following a low-calorie diet that you also need to be aware of is that it may have a major impact on your metabolism. After initially losing substantial weight, your weight will gradually increase as your body switches to the preservation mode, a desperate attempt to endure from the self-imposed starvation.

Going back to your normal diet after staying on a low-calorie diet for a long period may result in a rapid increase in your weight even if you are not eating excessively. This is how the body normally reacts to make sure that the essential vitamins and minerals are regained, storing more fat.

Nonetheless, there is an alternative to a low-calorie diet. You can try reducing your calorie intake to a safer, more sensible level while increasing your exercise regimen to help you burn more calories. Unlike the low-calorie diet, this alternative can actually boosts the body’s metabolism and eventually results in a steady and consistent weight loss.

A low-calorie diet seems to be appealing for those who desperately want to lose weight quickly. However, it is healthier and better to follow a more nutritious and sensible diet option. Maintaining a god health requires a well-balanced food intake from various food groups. It would be difficult to get good nutrition from just a few calories.

Truly speaking, after following a low-calorie diet plan, there is a high possibility that you will immediately regain your weight if you do not practice eating healthfully and maintain a regular exercise regimen and improved outlook towards your eating pattern.