Sometimes, people assume that they need only start to diet right after the New Year has begun. However, following these tips can make dieting easier all throughout the year. Take these suggestions to enjoy that you stay trim and lean, whether it is during the hot humidity of the summer or the winter chill of December.

Winter Dieting Suggestions

Now that winter has set in, you’re trying to lose all of those pounds that you accumulated from Halloween to New Year’s Day. Soups and chilis are so popular during these months, and you can still have them. Make the stock for soups at home, so you can control how much sodium goes into them, or buy cans that have low levels of fat and sodium. For chilis, choose ground turkey or chicken instead of beef.

Spring Dieting Suggestions

Foods start to get a little bit lighter come the spring, so this is the perfect time to indulge in fruits and vegetables. When you go on a picnic with your friends, try to pack an array of nuts and whole grain crackers. A little bit of cheese is fine, especially if you choose ones such as feta and avoid the creamy selections.

Summer Dieting Suggestions

Avoiding unhealthy foods in the summer is often just as difficult as during the holiday season. When you’re hosting a barbecue, cook up some turkey burgers and serve them on whole wheat buns. Look into making pasta salads with whole wheat pasta, plenty of vegetables, and extra virgin olive oil. When it comes to all of those potato salads, you may just have to pass on them. Don’t miss out on all of the fun though; try some German potato salad as the recipes usually do not involve any mayo at all.

Fall Dieting Suggestions

This is one of the hardest times to avoid unhealthy foods. Have a little sample of those cookies and pies, and don’t deprive yourself of turkey on Thanksgiving. Just avoid overindulging in any of the foods. Look for new recipes for seafood and grilled chicken. It’s still warm enough to use the barbecue, so let those cooking techniques entertain you instead of sitting in front of the television with a pound of leftover Halloween candy.

No matter what time of the year it is, using these seasonal suggestions will help you to avoid putting on an excessive amount of weight.